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Blessed Islamic Grammar School

The term ‘Education’ has lost its true essence in the prevalent society. The gentlemen producing academic machinery may make our children high-fliers before the eyes of the world but it fails to make them even note-worthy before the eyes of Almighty Allah. Progressing in this scientific age by learning the individuality of the Islamic character is a much needed academic revival.

The available curriculum neither helps the Muslim children in strengthening their faith upon Almighty Allah nor teaches them the ways of ‘The Sent Teacher (P.B.U.H)’. Such a scenario urged us to establish a school of learning which provides the Islamic education necessary to become a true practicing Muslim without any compromise on modern education. Our curriculum is molded so that the students can interpret faith in Allah the Almighty and can develop a taste of true Islamic culture and traditions.

Our school aims to provide children top quality education in all the subjects till the completion of their O-levels according to Cambridge University. The school not only provides an opportunity of reading the Holy Quran (Nazra) but also equips them with knowledge of Fra’iz and Sunnah.

Our focus is to build a character of Iman and Yaqeen so that the true purpose of education is served. Besides the Nazra classes we will also be providing optional Hifz classes for the willing boy-students after completing their Grade-3.

Qualified Teachers

We have qualified STEM teachers to prepare students for future

Best Results

BIGS has a record of best results in O levels and Matric.

Scholarship Program

BIGS offer scholarships to needy students

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