Admission open all year round from Montessori to A-level.

Priority of Admission

  • Ethical Background of Parents
  • Age wise assessment test of the child

Academic Evaluation

Evaluation of the student will be based on :

  • Daily conduct of work and behavior
  • End of Term Examination

We believe that quality education is not possible without parent’s cooperation.Therefore parents will be informed of their child’s progress on weekly basis and are encouraged to discuss it with class tutor frequently.

Parents are expected to provide Islamic environment at their homes to build the unified Islamic character of their child.


The available curriculum neither helps the Muslim children in strengthening their faith upon Almighty Allah nor teaches them the ways of ‘The Sent Teacher (P.B.U.H)’. Such a scenario urged us to establish a school of learning which provides the Islamic education necessary to become a true practicing Muslim without any compromise on modern education.

School has prepared curriculum for pre classes these books are available and are supplied by school

  • For higher classes  grade 6 to O/A levels  Cambridge curriculum is followed
  • For Matric  classes year 9 and 10 Lahore Board specific curriculum is followed.A

How to apply for Admission

Follow the standardized and easy steps to get on board with us.

  • Duly filled registration form Photocopy of parents ID card Birth certificate of child 2 passport size photograph Withdrawal certificate from previous school if applicable Eligible age is required for any class admission.
  • Comlete the application form given with prospectus.
  • Ensure All the required documents are attached.
  • Submit the school fee depend on your class.

Cambridge Education now affordable for everyone.

Registration Fee

  • Pre School and Secondary Classes: 13000/-
  • O levels: 13000/-
  • A Levels: 20,000/-

Monthly Fee

  • Pre School: 4000/-
  • Secondary School: 6000/-
  • Matric, O levels: 6,000/-
  • A Levels: 10,000/-
  • Special discount for Ulama’s children
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